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Giveaway to see Milemarker this Sunday in Los Angeles!

Here's what little we do know about Milemarker: They consider themselves a collective as opposed to a band. To boot, they are alternately known as the Milemarker Collective, the Milemarker People's Liberation Army, or the Milemarker Entertainment and Reprogramming Consulate. All of the band's members and ex-members bear identical tattoos of a multi-headed Hydra branded with the inscription "Cut off one head and another three shall grow in its place." And, umm, apparently their live show has inspired more than one case of self-immolation.
Milemarker || Listen

with special guest
Kodiak || Listen

Buy tickets.

Trivia Question: Milemarker is a collective whose members are involved in a number of extracurricular activities outside the band. What is the literary project of Dave Laney?

Email your answer along with your first and last name to “” by 5pm on Wednesday, November 23. Enter “Milemarker giveaway” in the subject line. Five people will be chosen at random to win a pair of tickets.
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